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Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason…

and that reason is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

light bearer

Every time you engage in gossip, thought and worry over what you think is happening TO YOU, you are denying yourself the power to realize that everything in your reality is happening FOR YOU, master planned BY YOU.

Everything that is a reality was given permission to exist by our consciousness and everything we experience is here because we are here.

Trust that the divine power that is you, is leading you to the new and better version of you, and upgrade in your code… YOU.Version.2.

Can you trust experience to move in, and teach you?

Belief and concepts help us to understand the world around us, but without movement, it can paralyze us.

So keep going and flowing…

And as Sonia Choquette says, “How good can you stand it, because that’s how good it’s gonna get”


Guisepe Family Farm

Visiting the Guisepe family farm in Robbins was nothing short of amazing!

Our hosts Richard & Sandra; treated us to a tour of the surrounding farmland, which included: Walnut Orchards, Rice, Corn & Garbanzo Fields, and other produce. Richard even stopped vehicle to pick garbanzo for us to see.

I gained a whole new respect for farmers and the work they do to create a bountiful harvest.

We met the pilots who crop dust, we met farmers and saw them harvesting crops.

We learned about reclamation in this area over 100 years ago turned a swamp into usable land. We saw a canal and the reclamation pumps that occasionally pump the overflow into the Sacramento River.

Richard shared stories of his past memories of the good ole days when he could train hop, then get a ride on a barge with a group of friends and a bicycle to the other side of town. 

He shared when he was 15 he met famous actors like abbot and Costello, Gene Autry and starlets who came to this area for a get away. “They told me to take them fishing, so we took them down the river, and boy did they have fun.”

He racalled his Italian heritage, mentioning his grandfather who built the farm after immigrating from Italy.

Richard and their son Alex shared their vintage car collection, which they were very passionate about. 

On the final night Richard’s Wife, Sandra invited us to a wine & pizza dinner. There were two other guests who also arrived. I learned Sandra was a talented Painter and knows her Polenta. A beautiful community gathering commenced.

The following morning on our departure, Richard and Sandra gave us handfuls of Zuchini, Yellow Squash, Basil, Oregano and Thyme.

They made it easy for us to feel like part of the family. I can’t wait to visit again, and one day repay their kindness. 💕

Robbins, CA.

June 23, 2016

Tonight we will be staying at a family owned farm in Robbins, California.

The family consists of two retired farmers, Sandra & Rich. When we pulled in, they came out to greet us. 

The wife immediately let us know her husband who was talking very loudly, was hard of hearing. We laughed and discovered that we all suffered hearing deficits.

We made it in time to watch the sun set ☀️

Overnight Oats

Traveling in a 1988 Ford camper van means limited space. Your bathroom, kitchen, living, dining and sleep space are in less than 75 square feet.  Add in my 6 foot tall frame and another person during meal prep/cleanup and it can get pretty snug.

So when I find recipes that require little time to prep and minimal cleanup, I am in.

I love instant oats because of how easy and quick they are to make and they taste so delicious the next day 💕

Here is a link to my favorite so far:

I took out the honey/blueberries and added banana, peanut butter and a dash of nutmeg.  

Can’t wait for tomorrow. 

Longsword Vineyard

We have been at Longsword Vineyard, located in the Applegate Valley of Jacksonville, Oregon for  2 nights. Being surrounded by mountains and nature has a way of recharging your proverbial batteries.

We had front row seats to watch over 70 paragliders land after flying together for hours over Rat Mountain.

It has been about 2 days in 80 degree weather since I had taken a shower and I was feeling pretty gross. So I suggested we go find the local river.We were directed to place behind some tall grass and trees on the horizon, where there was a creek. Excited, we slathered on copious amounts of sunscreen, packed a small bag and headed off into 6 foot high grass. As I stepped into sharp, dry grass and itchy bush like growths, I fantasized about cold water running over my toes. We walked over the hill, and the hopes for a slow motion dive into sparkling water was met with a dry river bed and barbed wire fence that had rusted.

Feeling sticky, itchy, and defeated, I was I was determined to not give in. I found another route to the river and off we went.

Our walk included a 2 foot pine cone and some cows 💕

We new we were on the right track when we heard water. We found an opening and jumped in.

We missed the sunset but watched the moon rise instead. Here is to another fun day of travel.

Witham, OR & Applegate Valley

We decided it would be best to stop at a truck stop in Witham on Saturday at around 1 am. I was exhausted after we white knuckled a few passes at 35 mph in 2nd gear.

The next day was Father’s Day. We awoke to the entire cab smelling like breakfast food and the sound of trucks rumbling around us. Sort of felt like a scene from Disney’s “Cars”.

We weren’t quite sure where to go next, and when you don’t know where to go, eat a pancake.

I met a lovely woman named Brenda who zipped circles around me refilling my coffee. The cook kept referring to the servers as waitresses in an angry tone. Either way a steaming flapjack came out of the back in good time.

I wasn’t too surprised to see this old relic in a diner like this one.

After a few errands, we called Longsword Vineyard, which was only about 30 minutes away. They accepted us with very short notice.

We arrived after they closed, however they were still around and offered us a flight of their wines, which included a new wine just released two weeks ago. We met the owner, Matt and two other managers, Kate and her husband Nate, along with their Blue Heeler, Zoe.

I felt like I was in a scene out of a movie where long lost friends catch up on life with a beautiful mountain backdrop.

We went to sleep to dark sky, sparkling stars and a full moon. Awoke the next morning to a beautiful sunrise, birds chirping and roosters crowing.

What a beautiful place.

You are right.

Some people want to be “Right” so bad that they are willing to overlook a lot to do so, including their own capacities to act out violence.

As I write this I am hearing a group of mom’s discuss the perfect way to discipline a child.  I am also hearing them tell the child the “Right” way to sit in a chair.

Is there really a “Right” way to sit in a chair? Or even a “Perfect” anything?  What are they teaching the child? How deeply are they really connecting to one another?

It is a defense mechanism when we need to be “Right”, because the need behind it, is usually not a need at all, but pain of rejection or a future fear of it. It is meant to only attract those who will align with us, agree with us and make us comfortable.

When we choose to label “Right” or “Wrong” we are creating polarities that only exist in our perceptive reality and will continue to perpetuate more of it.

There is something beautiful that happens when we surrender our “Rightness”, we expand beyond what we think we know, become vulnerable to the unspoken, and develop deeper levels of empathy.

We can begin obtain more information about the person we are connecting with, and as a result a sense of synchronicity.

So next time you are thinking “I am Right” instead take a breath, pause, and know there is no “Right”.

Your growth and evolution awaits.

Walking into the Storm

It was a beautiful morning at the winery, I intended to walk almost 5 miles to the local Starbucks, when I left at 11 am.The sun was out. Birds were singing and yes, I was wearing flip flops.

I realized almost immediately that my skirt was dragging on the earth, over rocks and remnant puddles from the early morning shower. I hiked it up a bit further and kept going.
As I walked over a beautiful little creek, I heard a guide say “you don’t need that extra layer” which happened to be a shirt I was wearing. I DID feel a bit warm, so I took the advice and put the extra shirt in my bag.
I saw so much lush country, back roads and fields waiting to be harvested.

Two miles into the walk I felt an incredible presence with me. I quietly nodded and thanked it for being with me.

It was no coincidence that immediately I saw two hawks circling above me and soaring.
My spirit animal friends kept pace and flew with me for the next mile. I saw them turn away at a looming storm cloud.
I only had two miles left when I walked into the storm.

It began to rain, then rain harder, then pea-sized hail began to sting my skin. I couldn’t open my eyes. I looked for a place to retreat, no trees or buildings.

I realized so much of my life has lead me to this point, alone, in a storm, determined to make it to other side. I was about a half mile into the storm when I felt like collapsing, I called the great spirit “please help me, I can’t do this alone”.
As soon as I could say the word “alone” a truck pulled in front of me. A man with darker hair and a baseball cap waved me in, “Please sweety, get in.” I gladly accepted the ride.
I was greeted by a kind woman with soft eyes in the driver seat, “Do you need a towel to dry off? What do you need? Where can we bring you?”
I shivered and fumbled with my words as I recovered “I’m ok, I was just walking to the Starbucks.”
“Ok, you got it. We were on our way to lunch and knew we had to help you get out of that”, her aura glowed bright white and gold. Similar to that of a beautiful star shining in the night sky. I was mesmerized by her appearance.
For a moment I wondered if she was an angel.
Her husband smiled and explained he was happy to meet my acquaintance. I introduced myself, explained my vision for the walk. They smiled and said “Those storms can come out of no where.”
I thanked Kris and Carl as we said our goodbyes.
After recovering for a bit at Starbucks, I changed into my dry shirt, with no regrets on my shoe choice, the staff offered me a free mint tea.
I encountered another road block, the wifi did not work.

I trusted that I must be here for another reason.  I noticed an older gentlemen, about 89, slowly, painfully wincing as he walked across the lobby with his coffee and newspaper in hand.
He sat down near me and I turned to him and gave him the biggest smile I could muster. He grinned back at me. “Hi!” I said emphatically.
“Well hello!” He replied, not once taken aback by my drenched appearance.
I learned his name was Klann and he lived in the town of Dallas, Oregon since 1969. He worked at a mill down on Main Street. He liked to come here every day in his brand new silver bug and read his newspaper.

He saw all my devices and asked me what I was doing.
I explained my current journey down the West Coast and the blog I was writing.
He didn’t know what a blog was, after a bit of mutual laughter, I explained it was similar to a digital newspaper.
“Well you are quite ahead of your time by almost 20 years, traveling in an RV, doing these things and I can tell you are very smart, intellectual. You will go far.” I thanked him for his message and let him get back to reading his local paper, which he was grateful for.
I was so happy to see him get into his silver bug and zip away. I learned not only can our bodies be broken and not working well, but it doesn’t have to stop us from being a part of this world.
I learned kindness still exists today and what a place to find it.

Eola Hills Winery, Update #2

June 12th, 2016
We have been staying at Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall, OR.
We arrived Friday night in our 1988 Ford E250, which Gordin has aptly named “The Time Machine”. It was dark and we really couldn’t see much on the grounds. However, we could see the stars, which for me was a plus.
The next morning we awoke to a beautiful view of country on one side and wine casks on the other.
Since they allow RV guests to stay for free, we wanted to support their business, so yesterday we purchased a 6 glass Wine Tasting for $10. They let us split the tasting, so I had 3 tastings total.
It has been a while since I have had alcohol (almost 3 years) and I was grateful I could split the tasting in half.
Today we walked about a half mile to the Sunday Farmers Market and purchased some local produce, including fresh cherries.
We arrived just in time for our reservation to their famed Sunday Brunch for $25 a person. I was relieved to see that had vegetarian options and they included 1 complimentary glass of wine. I had the Classic Pinot Noir, which was delicious.
I hoped to leave today and go to their legacy location, but I was informed they are only open on the weekends.

After speaking with Rich, he said we could stay until Wednesday.
I am hoping to see a tour of their Distillery before we leave Wednesday.

Wine Selection


Classic Eola Hills Pinot Noir

Koi Pond


Beautiful views


My office for the day, using free Wi-Fi

Eola Hills Winery, Rickreall, OR

June 11, 2016

We are staying at the Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall, OR, near Salem. They allow for free RV parking and gave us permission to stay for the weekend. We supported the Winery by sharing a wine tasting and buying 2 Reservations for tomorrow’s Sunday brunch. We have access to free Wi-Fi. And so far for about $60 total, we have had access to 3 days worth of amenities. At a hotel, that would have been well over $300. I am currently watching 2 humming birds and 4 golden eagles fly overhead. Such a peaceful place.

Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall, Oregon.